Safety Tips


By DuraGRIT Support

updated almost 2 years ago
  • When using DuraGRIT® Tools, always wear eye protection and a respirator mask.  (Cutting, sanding and grinding tools create dust.)   
  • Never run DuraGRIT® tools with black mandrels, in reverse.
  • Insert a DuraGRIT® extra strength, black mandrel into the collet or chuck of your drill, up to the shoulder.  One piece shafted tools, insert at least 50% of the ungritted portion of the shaft into the chuck or collet.
  • Do not mount a DuraGRIT® wheel or screw tip part, on a third party mandrel. Only use DuraGRIT® Extra strength black mandrels and screws.
  • Do not touch a rotating DuraGRIT® tool.
  • Do not use a DuraGRIT® tool that has been dropped.
  • When using or cleaning DuraGRIT® tools, wear gloves, eye protection and a respirator mask.
  • DuraDISC™ READ ME - Important instructions about the 5" Carbide Sanding Disc (DB-DS5) - Click Here to view / download the printable PDF

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