DuraGRIT® Tools are coated with carbide grains that equate to the US Mesh system of measurement. 

Therefore a 60 grit DuraGRIT® tool is equivalent in grade to a 60 grit sandpaper product.  

European grading is slightly different but very similar. 

The good news is, when you start using your DuraGRIT® tool, it remains the same grade from start of the job to the finish of the job, leaving a consistent finish, unlike sandpaper products that wear quickly, degrade in grit grade and leave an inconsistent finish. 

To assist you with your selection of the appropriate grit grade for your DuraGRIT® carbide sanding tool, note some typical uses based on grit grades by reading the following knowledge base article: 

What are Typical Uses (and suggested grit grades) for DuraGRIT Carbide Tools?