HT-FS9 Flat Sanders:

  • These Flat Sanders are 1/16" thick steel and are rigid. *
  • The edges also have carbide grains, enabling the sander to 'saw-out' power socket and light switch apertures in drywall or to sand right into a corner in a tight space when 'under-sanding' overhangs for example.
  • Both edges have carbide grains and therefore are not safe edges.

* The 1/16" x 1.5" x 9" steel is considered 'semi' rigid, which means it can be held and used as a traditional  'file'  for breaking edges or rounding corners etc., or held between thumb and middle finger, using the index finger as a brace. This is referred to as a 'flat-sanding'. 

The thin profile, is particularly useful for under-sanding in overhang situations where a thicker, traditional file or bulkier sanding block, couldn't reach deep underneath the protrusion.

As the multitude of carbide cutting edges are in random alignment, the FS9 sands in all 360º directions.  When being used as a traditional file, this means it sands on both the forward and back strokes, effectively halving the sanding time.