Two DuraGRIT carbide hand files: HT-RF4 (round) and HT-SF4 (square)


Two DuraGRIT carbide rotary tools that 'shape' clay backed, ceramic 'WALL': SR-MSW-046 and the SR-HT2-046.

These tools can shape the edge of a wall tile to fit it into or around and protrusion or a drain pipe for example. 

See demo

Please note that these tools are for use with a high speed Dremel type rotary tool and are for fitting wall tiles in a home D.I.Y. environment - not for daily professional restoration or installation use. 

NOTE: To drill or cut ceramic or porcelain floor tile, water cooled diamond wheels or drills are required.  Water cooled tile cutting machines can be rented at most contractor hardware stores, which also sell diamond wheels and diamond tipped drill bits.