Below is a list of materials that DuraGRIT tools can be used on:

- Wood - Hard or soft
- Acrylics
- Brass
- Brick
- Carbon fibre
- Ceramics
- Copper
- Fibreglass
- Kevlar
- Laminates
- Lexan
- Marble
- Multiple types of composite
- PVC - Rigid & Flexible
- Rigid Foam
- Slate
- Stone
- Vegetable Gourds
- and even soft materials such as Leather, Rubber etc.

We do not recommend using DuraGRIT® tools on metal. 
They can wear faster than on non-metallic materials.  DuraGRIT® generally doesn’t recommend using the carbide tools on metals: Steel is hard and can wear the grits faster than other materials. Aluminum is soft and can clog the grits. Copper and brass are less problematic and using a mold release such as 'dry stearate spray' on the carbide grit prior to working on softer metals, can reduce the tendency to clog and make clean up easier.

GW4 Grout Removal Wheel:

The DuraGRIT Grout Removal Wheel (SR-GW4-060) should only be used on non-sanded grout, typically found between wall tiles. Do not use the GW4 on sanded grout, typically found between floor tiles.