Unlike disposable sandpaper discs which can wear out quickly, the DuraGRIT carbide 5" sanding disc has a long working life that can last hundreds of times longer than sandpaper! 

Due to the sanding disc's amazing long working life, you will eventually need to replace the heavy duty white loop pad on the back of your sanding disc, as this loop can wear out after lots of use and/or removal cycles. 

Replacing this white loop is simple and it will further extend the amazing working life of your DuraGRIT sanding disc. 

Replacement heavy duty loop pads are available on the DuraGRIT® website at: https://duragrit.com/DL5 

Watch this video to see how to replace the white loop pad. 

For your reference, step by step instructions are included below: 

  1. Remove the carbide disc from your sander by sliding a wide blade spatular or putty knife, across the face of the sander platen, between the black hook and white loop pads. 
  2. Heat the white loop pad with a heat gun and peel from the back of the disc.
  3. Clean adhesive and paint residue from the back of the disc with Acetone.  Dry thoroughly.
  4. Remove all 8 vacuum plugs from the new white loop pad and align with the edge of the carbide disc.
  5. Lift half of the pad and peel the adhesive liner and without moving the alignment, carefully attaching the pad to the disc. 

It is important to note that the heavy duty hook & loop system is a matched set, designed specifically for the DuraGRIT 5" Carbide Sanding Disc (DB-DS5). 

(Please note the vacuum hole pattern is compatible with most 5" diameter sanders with a 5 or 8 vacuum hole pattern, but not Festool® orbital sanders)

Replacement heavy duty loop pads are available on the DuraGRIT® website at: https://duragrit.com/DL5 

DuraGRIT's 5" Carbide Sanding Discs (DB-DS5) are available in multiple grit grades at: https://duragrit.com/DS5 

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